July 12, 2016 Miss Shay & J

"1st time here and we were Beyond impressed! We literally planned our trip around coming here and it was perfect. Thank you so much for the hospitality and delicious breakfast!"
February 16, 2016 S & Michael

"Thank you so much for a great time, so glad we had two days. Next time we will come earlier to get in all the time we can. The food and hospitality were amazing. The accommodations exceeded our expectations and we were more comfortable with the feel of home than any place we have been. Thanks again. See you real soon"
January 5, 2016 B & Josh

"Thank you for sharing your beautiful and welcoming space with us. This was a wonderful getaway that allowed us special time to be Us. Your hospitality was amazing. Our friends didn't lie when they say you cook an amazing breakfast. This truly was a treat. We hope to see you again."
November 19, 2015 T & Diane

"Another 2 nights in heaven. We just love it here. You have everything anyone could possibly desire and it is as cozy as home at the same time, yet an escape from everything else. The two of you are wonderful people that are a joy to spend time with. Thank you for all you do."
March 25, 2012 Cupcake and Bear

"It is impossible to describe in a few sentences the amount of fun and enjoyment we got from our weekend here. Great food, people and conversation not to mention the rest! Thanks so much for being a great host and giving us such an amazing place to spend the weekend."