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My name is, Simply_cat,

I am owned and in full service to Master Jim & and Monterey Stay and Play, the original Kinky BnB.. That means I am owned property 24/7 to them both.

I participate in the BDSM lifestyle, and have since 2006. This is a way of life by choice, because it fits me. The joy and fulfillment and great pleasure it gives me to serve or to be of service to others can only compare to the joy I felt giving birth to my 4 children. In the lifestyle I am considered a submissive and a “slave.” In 2006 life finally felt complete when I realized there was a way of life and someone out there who would appreciate my dedication and desire to make another person’s life easier. This all came to be when one day I called the Monterrey Stay and Play, interested in getting information and renting it for a weekend for an exploration of my own. After chatting with Sir Jim, he gave me an awareness of a possible opportunity to be of service to Him and his establishment which only fed my own personal desire to be of service. Being of service to Master Jim and his Room and Board has been and still is…. hard work, time consuming, overwhelming, and the most rewarding work I do.

It was different seven years ago when W/we negotiated my training to fulfill His needs and desires. Seven years ago when we negotiated to become D/s. He being the D “Dominant,” the shot caller, and final word, maintaining control of most things. I would be the “s”. His submissive the one who is of action, direction taker, the pleaser. All qualities naturally within my being. Always! Back then running the home and doing chores and caring for the B N B was pretty easy. The bnb would be rented maybe 2-3 or even 4 times in a month. As time has progressed the BNB can be rented up to 2 or 3 and even 4 times in a week! That makes me a very busy cat. Did I say I also work a 40 hour a week, regular job outside the home? I have four adult children and three grandkids as well. Time to venture out became rare as time went on. Master Jim thought if I had no time to get out, let’s bring the people to U/us! So He invented a gathering we call “Kitty Cat’s Cozy” just for me. It has become a monthly gathering for O/our Community here on Master Jim’s property. The Cozy is one of the best attended munches and sought out events in our area.

My busy lifestyle comes with immense pride, great satisfaction, lots of creativity and the amazing opportunity to meet some of the most interesting people from all over the world. There is even a world map placed on the wall inside the B N B where W/we ask guests to put a pin where they are from. Over the last few years this map has become covered with colorful pins from Arizona to New Zealand, from China and the UK to Africa and Australia. And probably every state that you could name. What a great pleasure to serve so many different, diverse, people with their own stories of how they found us. Literally this space contains my heart. I love what it represents, it’s character, the artwork on the walls (mostly done by Master Jim of course) and the fact that he has given his full permission to me, to add my personal touch to His very clever creation.

So what is this kinky get away place? What can someone expect if you come for a visit? Well I’m bursting to tell you…..

Expect a warm greeting my Master Jim and me before you can even fully get out of your car. When you accompany us through the gate you will see a full size bronze fountain at the end of the pathway. The backdrop to this fountain is your two story private getaway accommodation. The courtyard between the BNB and the main house is lush and welcoming and its cared for by yours truly. It includes an outdoor kitchen with a barbecue grill and a smoker, a bar, a large screen TV and sound system, a refrigerator, fire pits, and at night, the most warming and delightful lighting. Our guests are welcome to enjoy the area as well. We will talk about the property and explain the additional buildings while walking you down a beautifully crafted stone path to your front door. Once inside you get a full tour of the space including explanations of the things you see around you. Downstairs is your bathroom with a double headed shower and fully stocked with nice towels and all supplies. It’s also your entrance to your own private backyard area out of view of all eyes. The backyard has multiple pieces of equipment and a claw foot tub for bubble baths under the stars. There’s also another path which would lead you to the hot tub. Keep in mind I use it nightly, so make sure you leave room for me! Giggles. As we head back inside we pass a closet with some dress up things for those who like to role play. It is full of shoes, wigs, clothing, stockings, and fun items that we enjoy sharing with you. Then we come upon a larger than life wooden door with iron bars. Behind it lies your personal fully equipped dungeon, or as said in Fifty Shades of Grey the red room. A play space, a place to let your fantasies become reality! Up stairs is a 1/2 kitchen for you, stocked with water, soda, coffee and tea and a personal touch of my favorite snacks in a basket. My personal touch! Also you will find a living area with some seating, including a chair from the 1904 world’s fair. There is a wood burning fireplace, a flat screen TV, a library over over five hundred fetish movies for when you get bored! There are games and a library of reading material. It also features a beautiful, comfortable 4 poster bed where you might sleep, or chain someone down! there is a large cage sitting right beside the bed and an antique desk that holds a docking station and charging station. One of the drawers contains paper and pencil which I encourage notes for the house slave (me). I get great enjoyment and sometimes a giggle from some of the things that people write. There are two doors that open up to your own private balcony which holds some play equipment and a small barbecue. The balcony is a place to relax get some sun, smoke, etc. Tastefully yet creatively decorated, this place has been called tranquil, relaxing, a touch of home, and huge effort has been put into making sure that your stay is memorable. Morning arrive mostly too soon when Master Jim will create an amazing breakfast which is served in the main house. The food is beyond description. You may choose to skip breakfast should you need to sleep in! At breakfast Master Jim will give you ideas of what to explore in our area and will offer tickets to you at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

People stay here for many reasons. For some it is just for the experience of doing something adventurous, for others it is a curiosity, and for some it is a lifestyle. Whatever it is that brings you here Master Jim created this theme to allow people to explore and experiment with their partners, in a completely private and discreet, well appointed space. A place for couples to expand their sexual repertoire in a space completely full of equipment and unlimited ideas. It is my honor and I take great pride in representing the BNB. Your experience with us will not only be uniquely different than any place on earth, it will be something you’ll never forget. Please take a moment to read some of the comments from our guests. They warm our hearts! If you don’t believe me, just come…..Stay, and Play!

Meow Kitty
[email protected]

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