Why Safe Words Are Important

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If you are interested or involved in BDSM, you may have heard about safe words. However, you may not have gotten the full explanation of what they are and how you should use them. The following is some information about the safe words for BDSM activity and a few ideas if you want to start using them with your loved one. 

What Are Safe Words?

A safe word is a single word or phrase you and your partner use during BDSM activities. The main rule of safe word usage is that all sexual activities must stop when someone uses the word, and the second rule is that the activities cannot resume until the parties check on each other and confirm that they are okay. There must be strict adherence to the two rules to ensure that all BDSM activities are safe and never cross the boundary of becoming abusive. 

Why Are Safe Words Important?

It is crucial to have safe words in BDSM play because actions and behaviors can get rough when hormones are on the rise and excitement abounds. The safe word acts as a hard stop the moment one of the parties suffers excruciating or unbearable pain or feels uncomfortable in any way. The use of these words provides a safe atmosphere where participants can trust their partners and feel secure that they will stop if asked to cease the activity. All rough play should use a safe word and hard-stop system. 

What Are Some Good Safe Words To Use?

Ultimately, it’s up to you and your partner what to use as a safe word. However, you should sit down and think of the word before participating in any activities. Many people use colors because they’re easy to remember. For example, you can use the stoplight system and say "green" for continuous activity and "red" to put the brakes on everything. 

You can use plain words like ice cream, Pluto, clown shoes, butter, or something similar. Any word that isn’t likely to go over your partner’s head will work.

You can choose to be original with your word choice if you like. For example, you might want to think of something that will be an immediate turnoff. Maybe boogers or slugs come to mind. You could also use a term that would sound awkward in the middle of sexual activities. Something like paparazzi or pepperoni might be good. The sky is the limit. 

When Should You Use the Safe Word?

You need to use the safe word the moment you feel the slightest bit of unwanted pain or discomfort. Don’t wait any longer than that moment because you might have to endure a few more seconds of something that hurts you. It’s much better to be too early than too late for something like that. 

You’re now aware of the importance of using safe words when performing BDSM activities. You should now be able to enjoy yourself and your activities with a high level of trust rather than concern. 

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