Seven Kinks and Fetishes That You Should Know About

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Have you been wishing your sex life was a little more exciting, but aren’t sure how to spice it up? Maybe you’ve always associated kinks and fetishes with pain or extreme practices—but not all kinky or fetish play has to involve vinyl bodysuits, whips and chains. Chances are, you might already have indulged in some of the most popular kinks and fetishes, and this list can help you identify a few more to try.

Before you start making a wish list of your own, bear in mind that “fetish” indicates a behavior, practice or object that someone cannot achieve arousal without, while “kink” is simply a practice out of the norm, which a person enjoys. These can overlap, and as long as everyone consents, there’s no shame in exploring more. Here’s a list of kinks and fetishes to get you started:

  • Role playing: If you’ve ever played the naughty student to your partner’s stern professor, you’ve already indulged in a kinky practice. Many couples find it fun to act out their fantasies, whether it’s a pizza delivery gone sexy, or more taboo practices that venture into BDSM territory.
  • Anal sex: Anal sex in all its forms has become more socially acceptable over the last few decades, but it’s still considered out of the norm. Anal plugs, vibrators and more can help you explore this area.
  • Foot fetish: Foot fetishes might be more common than you think—they’re when a person needs to touch, massage and perhaps even worship someone’s feet, clean or dirty, in order to achieve arousal.
  • Impact play: Spanking, paddling, whipping and other forms of consensual hitting are a part of impact play. If you’re new to this kink, start slow and negotiate boundaries in advance—along with a safe word—for maximum enjoyment.
  • Bondage: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know how 50 Shades of Grey ignited a renewed interest in bondage. This kink uses restraints to enhance the power dynamic between a couple, and can include orgasm control, which is another popular kink.
  • Group sex: Group sex is commonly referred to in the media we consume, and it does in fact qualify as a kink on its own.
  • Voyeurism and exhibitionism: If you find it sexy (or necessary) to watch someone having sex, or having them watch you, these two kinks can be achieved in group settings, over the internet and more.

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