What to Know About Temporary Power Exchange

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Power exchange is one of the driving forces behind many BDSM relationships, whether it’s master and slave, dominance and submission, caregiver and little or a number of other relationship types. These might be complete power exchanges, or temporary. The partners’ roles can stay the same or shift depending on mood and preference. No matter what the dynamic, however, there are a few “rules” for temporary power exchange relationships. Here’s an overview of what you should know if you’re considering this type of play.

Consent is key

The only “rule” you should follow is ensuring that all parties have completely consented to a power exchange. Consent is key—it’s why submissives or other people in that type of position are comfortable giving up their power. At a minimum, you should discuss hard and soft limits (hard limits being an absolute “no,” while soft limits are a “probably not, but you can push to see where it goes” type of situation). You’ll also need a safe word or phrase, a key word that anyone can say, at any time, to immediately stop the proceedings. Take care to abide by your partner’s wishes and respect the safe word when used.

Sex is not required for power exchange

You don’t actually have to have sex to enjoy a temporary power exchange. If all you want out of your session is to watch your partner wash the dishes while wearing a costume, that’s a completely valid use of your temporary power exchange. While some people can’t picture a power exchange without sex, others may enjoy things like humiliation, degradation, acts of service and more. As long as all parties agree, you can decide to do whatever you want.

You get to make the rules and choose the labels

Speaking of doing whatever you want, a temporary power exchange’s rules and labels are completely up to you. You and your partner(s) should decide your rules of engagement, safe words, limits—and your labels. There’s no one single way to enjoy a master/slave relationship, for example. If you want your submissive partner to call you “Daddy” but skip most of the caregiver/little trappings, that’s your choice. In other words, do what feels good and what you consent to, and don’t worry about what other people might think.

It can be temporary, permanent or somewhere in between

Finally, a temporary power exchange implies that it will end at some point. Many couples relegate their power exchange to the bedroom, while more serious devotees might opt for a 24/7 permanent situation. Again, you make the rules: if you want your power exchange relationship to last from 6 to 10pm every day except the second and fourth Thursdays of the month, that’s your prerogative. The most important part is that you’re comfortable and everyone agrees to the “rules.”

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